YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Days like September 18th don’t come around very often. I was so honored to officiate the wedding of my best friend Amanda and her amazing, amazing wife Joelle! I’ve known Amanda since we were 15 and have been friends longer than we haven’t been. Yeah. 20 years. So obviously, I have a lot of love for this person. Between the ceremony and my reception speech, there isn’t much more that I can say about the two of them and how perfect they are for each other. All you had to do was peek Amanda’s cuflinks that Joelle got her, that had the latitude and longitude of where they first met and where their wedding was, to get an idea of how they were made for each other. It’s such an amazing feeling to see someone you love so happy, and I got to see that all night long, starting at Larkin Square for the ceremony, and The Foundry for the reception. I don’t have many pictures of how beautiful everything was like I usually do, because I was so swept up in that night. And with almost 300 guests, it was an endless celebration of love and friendship. Since I don’t want to actually start crying as I type this, congratulations Joelle & Amanda! I love you both and couldn’t have been happier that you asked me to officiate your wedding. You’ll both have my love always, and god knows you’ll have each others.



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