YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There are some couples that rain will not hold down. Kristen and Ray are definitely one of those couples. At the Bristol Harbour Resort, they weren’t going to let a few showers dampen their spirits on September 12th. And by a few showers I mean torrential downpour. When I arrived, people were scrambling to get this wedding covered, but still outdoors. It was warm and comfortable out, the rain just wouldn’t quit. So everything moved from the grass to a covered space and still looked perfect. Now that’s a venue! They can accommodate no matter what!
Kristen and Ray were both adorable when I found them. Super excited, super happy, super ready to be married. The girls hid out in the bathroom while Ray ran around making sure everything was perfect for the moment Kristen made her debut. I love watching the grooms make sure everything is perfect. It’s a gift they are giving their new bride, and she doesn’t even see it happening! Soon it was time to make our way outdoors, and get ready to make some newlyweds! The ceremony started off lovely. And then, you know, they had Kristen’s cousin come up and sing an opera! Yes an opera! It was amazing and beautiful and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. The couple looked blown away by it, and guests pretty much had the exact same expression. Kristen and Ray were so cute with each other. Smiling, laughing, saying little things to one another. It’s exactly how you hope a ceremony to go. They also brought a sapling with them that they watered and added soil to, preparing it to be planted at their home together. I’m just a sucker for this stuff. I love the tree planting ceremony. Every day you’ll have the chance to step out into your yard and be reminded of an amazing day.
They loved, they planted, they kissed, and they were married! Congratulations Ray and Kristen. You’re an adorable couple and I’m so happy that you found me and that I was able to share in your day. Much love always!

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