YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 6th continued by remaining crazy warm, and crazy lovely. Heading over to Kloc’s Grove it was time to join Stacy and Michael in matrimony! Guests were milling about and I may have gone up to Michael’s brother instead of him (they look so much alike), but eventually I found my couple and saw that they were very excited to begin.
Guests were having such a good time, it was hard to get everyone to sit down for the ceremony. Energy was up, and it was a great party before it even started. Soon though, Michael and I headed to the front and guests excitedly took their seats, knowing that it was about to begin. Stacy came out looking beautiful and made her way up to Michael…where they were both nervous. I can always tell, because they will look down and away and try not to stare at each other because they are worried they will cry. A perfect moment was when Michael said his vows. He looked right into Stacy’s eyes, and you could see why he was avoiding that before. During the middle his voice cracked with emotion as he fought back tears. It was by far and away my favorite moment of the ceremony. I think they were happy and relieved when the kiss came that not only were they husband and wife, but that they were out of the spotlight.
Congratulations Michael and Stacy! The two of you are perfect for each other and I hope that one amazing day leads to an amazing lifetime. Best wishes always!

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