YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 5th was amazing. It was a beautiful day, and Diamond Hawk Golf Course was the perfect place to be. It was nice and cool inside and the room was set up to match the couples’ love of sailing, which they do every Sunday. Each table was named after a different part of a sailboat (I learned a lot), and room looked ready for a party. I saw Chris when I arrived and was immediately greeted with one of his wonderful smiles. He’s quite a charmer and you could see guests flock to him, simply happy for his happiness. He was a bit nervous, but mostly because he accidentely knocked the bride wedding topper off, and had to rush to clean her up. No worries though, the cake still looked perfect! He was also feeling quite proud because the arbor that they would be married under, he had built by hand. And it was gorgeous! I was impressed when I saw it, and knew that it would make a beautiful addition to their backyard.
I found Johana who was hiding out in the bathroom with her bridesmaids and daughters, who were the CUTEST little flower girls. She looked a little worried because one of the little ones (obviously) got something on her dress, and Johana wanted everything to be perfect. As I was looking around at how beautiful everything was and how full of love everyone was, it was funny to think she didn’t yet know that this was a perfect day already. But I knew that as soon as she walked out and saw her husband-to-be, she would realize that nothing else mattered except that moment.
Soon enough it was time, so we made our way to the arbor under the hot sun and watched Johana make her walk down to Chris’ arms. I could tell he was fighting back tears because he had the sniffles from the moment she appeared. And a reminder to guests: while you are supposed to stand when the bride walks down, don’t stand in the aisle! Chris’ view from Johana was blocked a few times, and he was very upset about that. He wanted to see her every moment that he could. All distractions aside, they found each other, they vowed their love, they kissed, and they were married! Congratulations Christopher and Johana! I’m so happy you found each other and will be able to build a life together until the end of your days. All my love forever!

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