YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 4th was filled with geese, swans, and I’m pretty sure I heard a camel somewhere in there. But this is to be expected at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure where Jessica & Kyle decided to tie the knot! It’s one thing to be surrounded by nature such as trees and water, which they had, but to be surrounded by animals is a whole new level and it’s amazing!
I checked in with Kyle who was in the process of getting teased by his groomsmen. He said he was the last of them to get married, and that they were really enjoying this opportunity to mess with him. All in good fun of course. It was a scorcher of a day, so we hung out inside until we knew Jessica had arrived and would be ready to begin. Not to mention, I was a little worried about all the geese. Those birds can find a real attitude, but luckily, they were in the wedding spirit and were well behaved. Kyle and I headed to the alter and awaited Jessica’s beautiful entrance. Her show was almost stolen by the couples’ ADORABLE two little girls who acted as flower girls for their mom. Guests were laughing and clapping, but then there was silence when Jessica appeared. Having people awed into silence is a pretty grand way to enter! She made her way up to her groom, and they got close to each other and held hands, smiling nervously at one another. They had brought a crazy enormous healthy sized apple tree with them, to water and add soil to on their wedding day, before taking it back home and planting it. The only hitch was that apple trees don’t grow well alone, so Kyle knew he’d probably be buying more apple trees soon enough, and dragging them around. They laughed as they watered their tree together, and it’s exciting to think about it growing in their yard over the years of their marriage.
Then came that big kiss and the applause of happy friends and family that have been looking forward to this moment. Congratulations Kyle and Jessica! You’ve already created such a beautiful family together, this was just another moment of showing each other just how much you love one another. Happiness always!

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