YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Picture it. The sun is out, the temperature is ideal, and you’re at a farm/vineyard with everyone you love. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Kate & Matt got to enjoy on August 29th at Becker Farms. And I was extra happy because Ayres Photography was there, and they are kind of my favorite people. The day was lovely and everything was going perfectly…Kate just needed a little reassurance of that! She had some bride jitters and you could tell she just wanted this to be a flawless day. I reassured her as much as I could, knowing that in a little bit, she would be so happy and excited, she would forget she ever thought this could be less than a perfect day. I hung out with Matt and his groomsmen as they teased him and made him nervous. He jokingly said he could use a shot, and like a best man should, a flask appeared and Matt’s nerves were calmed. I love watching guys in the moment. They try and act like they take everything in stride, but from someone who is behind the scenes a lot, I can assure you, they get just as nervous as their brides-to-be!
Soon enough it was time to begin the big show, and Matt and I waited for Kate to make her stunning debut. Matt got a little misty eyed, and smiled as his bride joined him by his side. They had written vows to each other, but a lot of what they said seemed to come from the heart in the moment instead of what they had written down. It was beautiful to hear how they felt about each other, and I laughed to myself as I watched guests pull tissues up to their eyes. They made it to the end and went in for a big kiss and an even bigger smile. It must be an amazing feeling to look at the person next to you and know they are your spouse now! Congratulations Matt & Kate. You’re a lovely couple and I’m just forever happy that you made it through the Polar Vortex and to this magical moment. I wish you the best, always.

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