YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I continued August 14th, dry now that the rain had finally stopped, with Kathy and Jeff at Joseph’s Catering. They were lucky enough to be able to have their ceremony outside in a lovely garden and only have to worry about the wedding that was taking place next to theirs which involved bag pipes…yeah…we had to wait that out.
When I first arrived, I found Jeff in typical groom fashion. He wasn’t 100% sure what he should be doing or how everything was gonna go down, but it was sweet. He wanted to make sure it all worked out for Kathy, even if he had to ask around to find out exactly what she wanted. Kathy looked lovely and was definitely the calm one when I found her. She was ready for this moment! And I’m sure it was a little easier than the house they own together and had been remodeling for quite some time. They could finally have a proper date night and party with all their friends! Jeff and I waited outside with their kids, and he looked so happy when Kathy finally made her way out. And that’s when she became nervous! She was shaking when she met him on the alter and kept shyly looking away. It was adorable. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, if you’re young, or if you’re older, when it’s your wedding day, you’re nervous!
They made it through their vows and had their kids come up to join in a sand ceremony. Their guests thought it was so sweet that they actually applauded after they finished! Then their were able to share that first kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations Jeff and Kathy! You’re such a great couple, with a great family, house, and a kick-ass yard! I see nothing but happiness and parties in your future. Best wishes!

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