YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 14th started out as a beast of a day. When they called for rain, they weren’t fooling. Rain can be a bummer on your wedding day, but when your ceremony takes place in the Rose Garden of Delaware Park, it give you a slight reason to panic. When I made my way to the park, Eric and his groomsmen were huddled under the pergola. Poor Eric looked so worried for Kara. She couldn’t even get to her own ceremony because the rain was coming down so hard. He stayed calm and as more and more guests came, we all got cozy under the pergola. There was a string quartet that played as people shook off their umbrellas and laughed about the close quarters. We all hoped together to get a little break in the clouds, and finally we did! The rain stopped just enough for Kara and her bridesmaids to make it through the beautiful garden, to her groom. It was still a bit gray out, but they looked so happy to see each other. Then something amazing happened. This wedding was taking place on the birthday of Kara’s grandma, and we mentioned how she couldn’t be with us, but was with us in spirit, and BAM! Out came the sun. Right at that moment! Kara cried and Eric grabbed her hands and reminded her of what a happy day this really was. The mood lightened after that and Kara and Eric were able to say their vows with wet eyes instead of wet bodies. After hearing those, no one even remembered that it hadn’t been a perfect day a few minutes ago. Congratulations Eric and Kara! You’re a beautiful couple and think of all that luck that poured down on you! It will last you a lifetime…enjoy every minute of it.


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