YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Kloc’s Grove is a beautiful place in it’s own right, but when it’s full of happy, laughing people, it’s even more amazing than one could anticipate. And that’s exactly how it was on August 21st for Rachael and Josh’s wedding. Josh was cool as a cucumber when I pulled up. He was ready to go. I can’t say the same thing for his best man. He was nervous! He kept checking to make sure he had the rings, running back and forth from the planner to the guests to make sure things were on target, and had a ten minute conversation with the groomsmen about which hand should be in the front when they stood up front! He had me cracking up, and was starting to make the other groomsmen nervous with his energy. I watched half a dozen grown men switch from left hand to right hand about two dozen times before deciding. You could tell they were very excited for their friend to be married, and wanted everything to go perfectly for him. Rachael was hiding in a back room and when I saw her, I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. All in red, she stole attention from everything in the room. And the room was so unique to them. All the tables were named after different guitar models and their cake brought out their love of sci-fi. I knew the ceremony would be anything but boring, and I wasn’t wrong. After Rachael made her way out to Josh, and it was time for the ring exchange, Lord of the Rings music starting playing…all for the precious! Their guests loved it, and Rachael and Josh were adorable with the looks they kept stealing between each other. It was such an easy ceremony for me because they were such a meant to be couple. Congratulations Josh and Rachael! The two of you have already been together for more than a decade, and I see many more happy decades before you. All the best!

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