YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 8th was an amazing day. It called for rain, but in Bemus Point, it was nothing but clear skies and a cool breeze. A perfect day to get hitched, and an absolutely perfect place. At a family members old lake house, Angie and Eddie were able to have their wedding look exactly as they dreamed, on the water, simple, and beautiful. When I first arrived, I immediately loved how calm both Angie and Eddie were. They were hiding from each other, but had the exact same personality that day. They were happy, ready, and not at all uncertain. They live a high stress/adventure life between work and play, so this was small potatoes compared to what they usually get up to. Eddie and I made our way to the side of the lake, surrounded by friends and family and waited for Angie to make her debut. She looked so beautiful and so happy and it was impossible for people to not light up. And as unique as their personalities are, it had nothing on their unity ceremony! Combining two of their favorite beers, a light and a dark to make a black & tan symbolized their joining, their humor, and their love for tasty beer. Their guests loved it and the two of them looked like they were having a blast doing it. Their gestures and looks were understated and perfect for the two of them. You knew all you needed to about them and their relationship by the way they looked at each other. I was sad to see this moment end, but at least watching them have their first kiss was a small consolation. Congratulations Eddie & Angie. You already know you are perfect together, I’m just glad that I got to be a part of that picture for a moment. Best wishes on all of your future adventures together.

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