YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I love a Friday wedding. I can sneak out after a long day at work and become part of an amazing event. You can’t quite top the enthusiasm at a wedding, and on August 7th at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, that was a proven fact. Guests were piling in for Lindsay and Andy’s big moment. I found Lindsay first and she looked beautiful and crazy excited. When I found Andy, he looked handsome and excited, but perhaps a little nervous. When I would look over at him with and he would have a very serious face, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. The guys who aren’t joking around beforehand, the ones who look like they are contemplating, always cry when the bride comes out. I made a bet with myself if this time it would be different…I didn’t think so.
Family and friends were so emotional that an usher was handing out tissues in preparation for some happy tears. Soon enough it was time to get going, so Andy, his groomsmen, and myself headed up front to await Lindsay’s entrance. And when she made it, I won a bet with myself. Andy immediately had tears in his eyes, only to be matched by his mom in the front row. I had to look away because I’m not made of stone! And I have to keep it together!
Lindsay made her way to Andy and they smiled at each other and the room lit up. It was such an easy ceremony to perform because their happiness could be felt all around. Congratulations Andy & Lindsay! It’s easy to see after meeting both of you that you are meant for each other, so I know their will be nothing but happiness in your future. Much love!

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