YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 2nd was amazing. Especially when you’re standing near a lake, feeling the cool breeze, while standing in the sunlight. And that’s just how perfect it was at Templeton Landing for Teresa and Daniel’s wedding! Dan was super cute when I first got there. He was very excited, perhaps a bit confused but some of the finer details, but 100% focused on the big moment, which was when he would be marrying Teresa. After pinning on some boutineers, I waited around with an excited groom for Teresa to arrive and for the fun to begin. Guests looked so happy about what a gorgeous day it was, and how there was nowhere else they would rather be on a Sunday afternoon in August. Soon Teresa arrived with her two adorable daughters, and her nervous smile was contagious. Daniel and I found our places in front of guests, and watched as Teresa made her way up the stairs, right behind her two beautiful flower girls. As soon as she reached the alter, the look Daniel and Teresa shared is why I spend my weekends doing this. It was pure love and happiness and isn’t a look that could ever be faked. After their vows and rings, they invited the girls up to share in the sand ceremony, where they climbed up to the table and poured their share of the sand in. Marriage isn’t just about two people, but about becoming a family, and this ceremony really symbolized that. Soon enough, it was time for the kiss and to tell the world that they were husband and wife!
Congratulations Daniel & Teresa! You’re an amazing couple and I’m so happy to have met you and shared in this moment. I wish you a lifetime of happiness for your entire beautiful family!

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