YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 18th called for rain, but ended up being a stunner instead! And standing outside in the garden of Joseph’s Catering Service, I felt incredibly lucky. It was also lucky for Holly & Andy who were planning their big moment under the sun, and it would have been stressful to have been rained out…and they didn’t need more stress! Holly seemed a bit nervous and stressed when I checked in with her. She really wanted to make sure they started on time since they were leaving after for photos, and then had to hurry back to guests! When I found Andy, he was also very nervous. Mostly because he knew Holly was feeling the time crunch, and he had accidentally forgotten the ring bearers pillow and had sent someone back to get it! Luckily, we weren’t too delayed and mostly that was us waiting for last minutes guests. Come on guests! You can get to a wedding 10 minutes before showtime, I know you can!
Soon the pillow arrived and Andy found his place in the sun as his groomsmen joked around about how hot it was. Having done weddings in the heat, the freezing cold, and the rain, I can tell you that I’ll take super hot any day of the week! 20 minutes of sweat outweighs a bride with wet hair or a groom with a frozen beard.
Soon, Holly made her way out and looked beautiful…but still nervous! I couldn’t tell if it was the heat or just her nerves, but I was a little worried for her in the beginning. But I think once she found Andy’s eyes, and handed her flowers off so she could hold his hands, it all fell into place and they knew that heat aside, and photos aside, this was a perfect moment and nothing could ruin it! Congratulations Andy and Holly! You deserved a beautiful day and I’m so happy you got one. You’re a wonderful couple and I wish you nothing but happiness! (Sorry about the eyes Andy! You guys were in such a hurry and I was moving too quick!)

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