YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So July 11th continued being an amazing day at the Park Country Club, which kind of looks like a castle, and is an amazing spot to be married. I met Martha and Dean first through Skype and then in person, and while they are awesome people who have a beautiful relationship, it’s impossible not to mention that they met speed dating…because that is crazy awesome! But in a world of fifty, 3 minutes dates, they found each other and the rest is history. So on this gorgeous day I checked in with both of them…and they were pumped and barely nervous. Dean was excited because they hadn’t seen each other beforehand and he was wearing a white tux coat which he knew Martha would get a kick out of. Soon it was time for her to see him and we lined up outside waiting for her beautiful self to come down. Her first bridesmaid, and Dean’s sister, was the cutest because she immediately started sobbing. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at her outpouring of love. When Martha first stepped out, I laughed at the look she made when she saw the white tux coat. She was surprised indeed! They were happy and calm and made it to that most important kiss, as the guests blew bubbles around them. Now if only Dean could get that wedding ring to fit on his finger! Congratulations Dean and Martha! I’m so glad the two of you found me and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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