YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 11th was amazing!!! It was warm and sunny and I was at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, which is seriously the best place you can be on a beautiful day. Jack was worry free. He had his groomsmen and was super pumped for Kelly to get there. He didn’t seem a bit nervous (more to come on that), and the guys hung out and teased him as I pinned on some boutonnieres. It felt like a day nothing could go wrong. Soon enough Kelly arrived and we began walking from the beautiful outdoor gardens to the gazebo to wait for her approach. And it was worth the wait! Kelly looked stunning as she smiled her way up to Jack. They could not take their eyes from each other. The only time they did was when Jack’s dad come up to read A Meditation on Marriage, which was something he wrote for them. The gist of it was that instead of being two separate people, they would be one, and it was a beautiful thought for that moment. They had written their own vows and although Kelly teared up and she read from her vow book, it was Jack’s nervousness that was cutest of all! He pulled out his vows, but couldn’t read them. So he took a second..and five seconds…fifteen seconds…he needed to calm himself down because I think he knew he would be all tears if he didn’t! It was beautiful and Kelly just beamed at him knowing it was his love for her that was choking him up. They made it through and into a huge embrace and first kiss. Congratulations Jack and Kelly! The two of you were meant to be and I’m glad I got to make it happen! Best wishes for always.

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