YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 3rd was a day of dreams and adventure. As the sun shone down on the park where Danny and Olivia would take their vows, people gathered to be at the onset of this great adventure they would take together. Olivia and Danny are an adorable couple, and had probably told me the best proposal story I had ever heard. They are obsessed with Pixar movies so Danny rented out a theater so he could fill it with flowers and just play her Pixar movies as he proposed. For real?! That’s what I’m talking about. Take note people. So I was excited to be a part of their wedding day which was just as beautiful. Danny waited with family and friends for Olivia to arrive. He didn’t want to see her until the moment she started to walk towards him. And it was worth the wait because she looked so beautiful when she did! Since their wedding was based on the movie Up, their Aunt made them an adventure book for their new life together. During the ceremony they had brothers and grandparents and parents come up with pictures of adventures they already experienced with them. They added those to the book and will continue to add more photos together as they conquer the world together. Adorable right? They looked so happy to be surrounded by those they love, but the happiest to have their hands wrapped in the others. When the kiss came everyone erupted in applause, myself included! Congratulations Danny & Olivia! I enjoyed every moment I had with the two of you and can’t wait to hear about your future adventures. Much love always. As Ellie from Up said, adventure is out there…

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