YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So as I previously mentioned, the rain and I are were on bad terms on June 27th. I know that some areas are experiencing a drought, and we should be happy for the rain, but my poor couples! Again, Carrie and Tom were so happy for their big day to finally have arrived, that they were ok with it being inside the beautiful Samuel’s Grande Manor, but still, a little part of them really wanted that gazebo in the garden. I sure hope rain is lucky on your wedding day because then they have nothing but clear skies ahead of them!
So you know it was raining, but people inside seemed unperturbed and happy to be there. Tom was a bit nervous and didn’t seem to mind that the ceremony would be indoors. I think he was just ready to get it going! Carrie, a perfect bride, was a little bummed but happy that her family and friends were there and that she would be marrying her fella. I love people like this! Finally it was go time and Carrie made her way out to Tom who seemed to be glowing as he watched her approach. Their looks and words were heartfelt and you could practically feel the love in the room. Before I knew it, they were in each others arms for that first kiss, and I forgot that it was raining or that this wasn’t exactly what they had planned…it seemed perfect. Congratulations Tom and Carrie! You’re a lovely couple and you already passed your first obstacle together. Enjoy every moment you have together and thank you for sharing such a big one with me.


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