YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 27th was about two things. Love and rain. For my first wedding of the day, I took my rain soaked self to a church basement where Marlene and Jim had rescheduled their wedding picnic. CURSE YOU WEATHER! They were still in good spirits, but you could tell they were a little disappointed. But for a couple that’s been together through a couple decades and a new millennium, they’ve experienced so many ups and downs together, they know how to go with the flow. So family and friends gathered together, umbrellas and all, and looked just as happy to see Jim and Marlene finally married that they might as well have been standing in the sunshine. Jim and Marlene don’t really like all eyes on them, so it was cute to see them stand nervously in front of people they’ve know their whole lives and exchange vows. At that moment,  you couldn’t really tell or care what was happening outside. Congratulations Jim and Marlene!!! I’m so happy you finally deiced to take that last plunge and become husband and wife. Just imagine how many picnics are in your future from this moment forward! Much love!

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