YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 20th started off a rainy and cloudy day. I was nervous as I drove to Sprague Brook Park for Molly & Corey’s outside ceremony! I needn’t have though because not only did the sun come out and the rain stop, but inside the park’s casino, it was decorated so adorably, that it would have been just fine to have the ceremony indoors.
Molly was super chill. She was happy it was her wedding day, happy to be spending time with family and friends, happy to marry Corey and not at all bothered by anything that could go “wrong.” She was a good example for brides everywhere. She said she didn’t “sweat the small stuff” and therefore couldn’t be disappointed. I believe it was that thinking that led her to a perfect day. After I pinned on Corey’s boutineer and tied a tie for a guest, it was time to walk out onto the damp grass and gather for the big moment. It felt like a wedding from a movie. Not only was everything beautiful (bride and groom included), but it just felt exactly how weddings are supposed to feel. Outdoors, sunshine, light breeze, closest family members, and no distractions. Touching vows from the heart, tears rolling down cheeks, and a perfect kiss at the end. It couldn’t have been better!
Congratulations Corey and Molly! I’m so happy to have met a couple such as yourselves and to share in such a lovely moment. I hope my wedding turns out exactly the same way…simple, but beautiful! All my love and best wishes.

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