YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Man oh man, I wish everyone could have been at the Avanti Mansion on June 19th for Christie and Jason’s wedding. Was it a beautiful day? Yes. What it a lovely spot? Yes. But that is not what made this one of my favorite weddings. But I’ll get to that in a minute.
So like I said, it was a beautiful day. It started off as another cloudy, rainy, disappointing morning, but the weather really pulled it together in time for the wedding. Jason is quiet and adorable. He looked just plain happy waiting for Christie and when I checked in with her, she too seemed excited for the moment. Eventually it was time and Christie’s father walked her down the aisle and onto the arm of Jason. And that’s when things got amazing. I learned that Christie was nervous. I also learned that her nervous tick is to laugh uncontrollably. So for 80% of the wedding, Christie was hysterically laughing as well as crying and the occasional “what is wrong with me?!”
It was an amazing event. It was soooooo difficult for me to not laugh along. Jason was laughing and the guests because it was such a pure and innocent moment. She just couldn’t stop nervous laughing! It was original and lovely and I hope  that they wouldn’t have changed a single thing. After laugh filled vows and ring exchange, Christie managed to keep it all in just in time for that big kiss! Congratulations Jason and Christie! You’re a wonderful couple and I’m completely serious when I say that was one of my all time favorite weddings. I hope that spirit of love and laughter follows you for all your days.


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