YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Without a doubt, Lauren and Sean are one of those couples that you immediately like. Laid back and lovely, I was looking forward to spending June 5th with them at Kloc’s Grove. From the minute I got there, there wasn’t anywhere else I would rather have been…except maybe hiding someone binge eating their cupcakes. Sean looked very handsome hanging around with his groomsmen looking completely relaxed, while Lauren looked gorgeous and a wee bit stressed. That always seems to happen to the brides who are hoping for a perfect day. She didn’t stay stressed long, and soon enough you could tell she was just happy that the moment had arrived.
After the very excited guests finally calmed down (they couldn’t stop hugging and posing with Sean), we headed to the alter to await Lauren. Sean completely lit up when she appeared. I think I did too! She walked down to him and they both started laughing. I think they did a lot of that during the ceremony. It was serious, but lighthearted and made for a perfect moment. After their vows were exchanged and rings on their hands, they both grabbed each other for a huge kiss, followed by huge smiles from all around. Congratulations Sean and Lauren! You’re a perfect couple and you pulled off a perfect day. I wish you all the happiness you deserve for the rest of your lives!


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