YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Lately, during a long day at work, I find myself daydreaming about how beautiful Kelly & Christopher’s wedding was on May 30th at Spring Lake Winery. Besides the perfect weather, lush land, breeze from the small lake, and scent of fresh wine in the air, I got to see Kelly and Christopher!  Not to mention I got to see another couple I recently married, so it was a nice bonus. What a day! Everything looked amazing as I checked in with Christopher to make sure everything was going smoothly. Indeed it was considering that the night before they were laying cement and part of the roof at their chosen venue! At least we know Spring Lake Winery sticks to their word when they tell you renovations will be completed by your wedding day!
Kelly was hiding out in a small cabin hidden away from everyone, and was excitedly waiting with her very stunning pup who was showing off her wedding duds. She matched the bridesmaids! Finally it was time, and Chris and I walked out and waited for Kelly to be escorted down the aisle. They both seemed nervous, but excited and laughed through their hand-fasting as I bound their hands together and they officially “tied the knot!” I looked out into the audience and everyone looked so happy to be there and so happy for the couple. I know I was! Congratulations Christopher and Kelly! You’re such a beautiful couple and I know you’ll have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you…as will that stylish pup of yours!


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