YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The Hotel @ the Lafayette has to be one of the most beautiful places in Buffalo to get married. And May 29th was no exception. On the top floor in the Greenroom, Brett was hanging out and laughing with his groomsmen waiting for Theresa to make her way down to him. He clarified that he was NOT nervous, he was just excited. All of the guests were also very excited and the room erupted with conversation and laughter as everyone enjoyed the evening immediately. After all the groomsmen lined up and waited for their bridesmaids (one was hilariously emotional thanks to an open bar), it was time for Theresa to meet her man at the alter, which had small flowers strung throughout it!
Theresa came out looking gorgeous and everyone jumped to their feet when they saw her. Once she reached Brett, I realized they had no trepidation about this big moment or that their guests were watching them, because they were immediately joking with each other, laughing, making faces, and kidding throughout. And that overly-emotional groomsmen also added to the humor by occasionally yelling out an encouragement to the couple! Since Theresa and Brett knew what they were doing, it was a pleasure to read their ceremony and watch them embrace at the end. Congratulations Brett and Theresa! May your life be filled with each others love and happiness, and may no distance come between you again! All the best!

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