YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 24th, you gorgeous day you! With the sun shining I headed out to Banchetti by Rizzo’s for Trisha and Andrew’s beautiful wedding. With the ceremony under the gazebo and the reception under a lovely covered, yet outdoor space, I knew guests were thrilled to be spending this fantastic day right here and with this couple.
When I arrived I was immediately surprised to find out that I was marrying the brother of a past bride I had the pleasure of marrying a couple years before. What a perfect surprise! Andrew was super pumped for this day and refused to be nervous at all. His main focus was that everything be perfect for Trisha when she came out. Which included the runner for the bride to walk down, which was not cooperating in the wind outside. All groomsmen and the “Breastman” (that’s what they were calling Andrew’s bestman who was a woman) grabbed tape and ran out to secure the runner. Again, everything had to be perfect for Trisha!
Finally everything was in place and the music started for Trisha to make her way out. One of the bridesmaids immediately burst into tears as soon as she hit the aisle. It was adorable and hilarious. But when Andrew saw Trisha walk out, he started to tear up and then the birdesmaid really lost it! Trisha did look incredibly beautiful, so I’m not surprised everyone was in tears. She joined Andrew on the gazebo steps and they locked eyes and smiled and readied for the big moment. After their vows and drinking some wine together (most calming part), they embraced on the steps on shared their first kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Andrew and Trisha! A lifetime of happiness awaits the two of. Enjoy every moment.


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