YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok so first things first. This was a wonderful wedding and I’m gonna get to that, but I’m a little bummed about the ending. After Rachael and Eric kissed and walked away, they vanished! Their photographer had them hop into golf carts and take off so they could go get some amazing shots taken. It’s a great way to do it, I’m just bummed because after so many weddings, this is the first one where I didn’t get a picture of the couple after. Alright. I guess I’ll live. Onto the wedding!
May 23rd was gorgeous! Really a perfect spring day and I was happy to be at the beautiful Timberlodge Arrowhead Golf Club. With the sun shining and a lite breeze, everyone seemed thrilled to be outside and awaiting a wedding. Rachael and Eric are adorable and were hiding out in the ladies room together until the moment arrived. Finally it did and I headed up to the alter with Eric and his groomsmen. Eric is a bit shy and I could tell that even though he was just hanging out with Rachael, he was nervous for the actually ceremony and having to read his vows in front of everyone! They created a book that held both of their vows and read from that. It was sweet and classy looking and I think I’ll recommend it to more couples! They also tied a fisherman’s knot together because it’s the strongest knot of all, just like their relationship has been and marriage will be! Congratulations Rachael and Eric!!! The two of you compliment each other perfectly and I know that it’s all smooth sailing from this point forward. You owe me a photo!!!



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