YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Another perfect day on May 2nd. Sunshine, light breeze, and two adorable humans confessing that they are going to love each other forever…and no one doubting it for a second! At Classics V, Carl greeted guests with his groomsmen knowing that soon enough Leah would appear looking as beautiful as he’s ever seen her. It was a very joyful and loving environment. Guests seemed so thrilled to see one another and to be gathered for such a special moment. And after the rehearsal we had the day before, I knew nothing could possibly go wrong because Carl’s Aunt would not allow for that! She was all business and definitely could have had a career as a wedding planner.
When Leah arrived, Carl, his best man, and myself went to hide outside until it was time to stand in front of family and friends. With Carl being such a big guy, I was shocked and moved every time he got emotional before and during the ceremony. As Leah walked in, she looked goregous and no one could take their eyes off her. She came up to Carl and after tear filled vows, they placed love letters in a wine box that they would open and enjoy one year from this day. A giant group “awww” came from the audience as they sealed the box together. Soon it was time to kiss and to shimmy back down the aisle, preparing to party the night away. Congratulations Carl and Leah! It was such a beautiful day and I felt honored to be a part of it. Best wishes!!!

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