YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

April 24th was a lovely spring day. If you could be outside, you were lucky. BUT if you could be inside Pearl Street for the wedding of Erin and Jim, you were even luckier. This was a couple that I found adorable the minute I met them, and I was excited for this day. After finding Jim chatting with his friends and looking ridiculously happy, I found Erin next door at The Webb anxiously waiting for the moment to begin. After five years of happiness, they were ready for this beautiful moment. After running around with Erin’s friend trying to find a secret passageway to get her in unseen (which the wedding planner did much easier), it was time to begin. I waited with Jim who nervously checked to make sure he had the rings a couple times, and watched him beam as soon as Erin came into view. They looked happy and like they were sharing a joke as they smirked at each other throughout. The room erupted when it was time for the kiss and then it was time to just enjoy the beauty around them and the love from their friends. Congratulations Jim & Erin!!! I’m so happy you found me and that I was able to join the two of you forever! Best wishes!

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