YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 15th was a good Friday. I was able to spend it at the adorable Marienthal Country Inn while Renee and Jason prepared for their big moment. With a small group of guests, it was very intimate and it seemed like everyone was part of the moment. With two adorable little fellas leading the way down the aisle, there was no point waiting around for such an exciting moment. Jason waited for Renee to make her way up the aisle, looking beautiful and nervous. I think the nerves went away though when the little fellas ran around them excitedly, making everyone laugh and creating a more relaxed environment. Since Renee and Jason both have children, they did a group sand ceremony so that everyone in that family knew that they were one and would always work together. And the final jar of sand with four different colors in it looked awesome! Congratulations Jason & Renee. Since your life is full of kids, lots of pets and now each other, I don’t see one single day of unhappiness in your future. Best wishes!!!

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