YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Wedding are always special. I love each of them individually. BUT, that being said, there is an extra bit of magic when you marry people that are your friends and that you love greatly. And my lucky self was able to do that on March 21st! The Webb is becoming a favorite spot to marry couples, and Saturday only locked that down even more! Everything looked amazing thanks to Costamagna Design, and you truly couldn’t find a more relaxed couple. After 11 years together, this was just another beautiful day that they were going to spend together, and they were so full of happiness, there was no room for nerves. Val looked stunning in her hand-made dress by the ever talented Made by Anatomy. Jordan and Val were lucky enough to win a big part of their weddings by the generous Buffalo Indie Weddings. After entering a contest, their love blew away the competition and they were able to have their perfect day with a couple of bucks left over so they could dart over to France after their wedding. Love/Hate them 🙂
After checking in with both, and realizing I was the more nervous one, I excitedly waited for the big moment. Soon it was upon us and Val was being escorted down the aisle and Jordan looked on smiling. Soon they were holding hands and my face was aching from non-stop smiling. After gushing about how much I love them (and some gentle teasing of course), they said their vows through teary eyes. And after that kiss, BOOM! Kanye filled the room as well as confetti that the wedding party showered them with. It was amazingly fun only to be topped by a wicked party after.
Congratulations Jordan and Val! I was truly honored to be able to marry a perfect pair and I can’t wait to spend the next decades continually celebrating with you. All my love, always.

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