YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 14th looked like the beginning of Spring. It was a little cold with some warm pockets, with a light drizzle coming down. Obviously that wasn’t a problem because everyone inside looked overjoyed to be there. Rob seemed pretty collected when I checked in with him. I think he was ready to start the party! We headed down to the alter to await Erica’s arrival, and to watch one of his groomsmen pull the runner up the aisle…which was tricky. The fabric was stuck on itself so he couldn’t pull it up the traditional way, but he could think on his feet so he slowly unrolled it with his hands and made his way up. It took twice as long, but was twice as amusing and I think helped everyone relax into the moment. Rob looked ready to grab a glass of wine from the wine ceremony behind him, but realized that this is what makes a wedding unique. Soon Erica entered the beautiful Karpeles Manuscript Museum, and all eyes were on her. She looked gorgeous and nervous…exactly how you’d want her to look! They started off nervously smiling at each other, but then I think caught the nervous giggles because they kept laughing throughout…which made me laugh…and their guests laugh. So it was pretty much a great time. Soon enough it was time to kiss and get out of there! The exited onto the stone steps of Karpeles and were greeted with handfuls of birdseed thrown into the air, kind of at their faces, and definitely in their hair. They laughed and kissed and you could tell it was a perfect moment. Congratulations Rob & Erica!!! I’m glad to have shared in your moment and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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