YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 27th wasn’t exactly a typical end-of-winter day. Slush & rain were prominent, but the energy at the Avanti Mansion was like a summer’s day party! Everyone was so excited for Hayley and Virgilio’s wedding! We just hoped Virgilio would get there soon since he was taking part of his police officer’s exam that day! I meet up with Hayley who looked gorgeous and calm. Ready for the big moment. The only nerves that came was when she realized she had forgotten her vows! Luckily I had them on my phone and we were able to print them out beforehand. Disaster averted! But as wonderful as seeing the glamorous Hayley was, nothing can compare to Virgilio. He wins the award for most nervous groom…EVER. He could barely keep it together! The DJ and I kept teasing him because he was adorable. Had to make sure everyting was perfect, keep wrinkling his vows between his fingers, shaking his legs, sweating, and working on his breathing. I made sure to give him step by step instructions to help with his worrying. But once we stepped in front of the crowd (well no, he was still nervous then), but once Hayley appeared at the top of the staircase and they met eyes, he seemed to instantly relax. They stayed close to each other and read their vows with smiles on their faces. Although they were happy to be sharing that moment, I’m pretty sure they were ready for it to be over so they could blend back in with the crowd. Good luck with that when you look that good! Congratultions Virgilio and Hayley. I feel very lucky that I met both of you and was able to share in your big day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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