YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 3rd was exciting for me because I was heading to a brand new ceremony spot, and I had hear there would be animals. Now that’s a day! Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a beautiful lodge and Animal Park in case you’re tired of NOT seeing goats on your wedding day. It was windy when I arrived, but that wasn’t stopping Tess and Jason from having their ceremony across the bridge and over the water on an island surrounds  by ducks and black swans! Guests were gathering in the lodge, (first guest I met was a giant grizzly bear) and preparing to bundle up for outside. You could tell no one minded though. They were just so happy to be there in that moment. Jason was very excited when I arrived and didn’t seem a tab bit nervous. He had been waiting for this moment and couldn’t wait for it to begin. Tess also seemed calm and collected, until of course we met up again as she crossed the bridge to her ceremony spot, and the tears came rushing out. It was a beautiful moment because her joy was completely out of her control. She seemed to calm a bit when she was in Jason’s hands, and then the constant gusting (and i mean gusting) wind made her laugh and relax. Wind or not, it was a beautiful moment and I was so happy to pronounce this wonderful couple husband and wife. Congratulations Jason & Tess! I’m so glad that the two of you finally got together and that Tess didn’t get lost on her way to that first date. Much love always!

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