YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

This fall has been unbelievable. And you couldn’t be any happier if September was the month you chose to have your outdoor wedding. It’s always a gamble in New York, but on September 27th, it was truly a perfect day. After leaving my first wedding, I headed to Chestnut Ridge to their perfect little casino to share in Traci and Kyle’s moment. What a view! As soon as I parked the car I was dazed by what was before me. There were swings overlooking the hills and the changing trees and with the sun on your back, it made for a perfect day. Kyle was outside setting things up to make sure everything was perfect by the time Traci arrived. He didn’t seem nervous at all…well maybe about stuttering on his words, but I guaranteed him I talk slowly and he would be just fine. He seemed to cheer up even more after that. After walking around in disbelief that this was the end of September, I found Traci’s Limo and flagged them down so I could see how she was doing. She was perfect! Calm, but excited, she wasn’t nervous at all, except for her guests to see her before the ceremony. Her bridesmaids hid her as they sneaked into the casino to await the big moment. By this time, it was downright hot outside! Kyle was eager to begin, so at the stroke of 2:30, he walked up front and waited for his bride. Soon enough, Traci came out looking beautiful and instantly had tears in her eyes. They swore to love each other for all time, and even though the sun was beating into Kyle’s eyes, he managed to ignore it and focus on Traci. It was such a wonderful moment and I love seeing the happy couple tense up with excitement as I begin to pronounce them husband and wife. They know that kiss is coming! Congratulations Kyle and Traci. I knew when I first met you that you would make this a lovely day no matter what, and I was proven correct. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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