YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Friday September 12th was nice outside, but it couldn’t compete with the inside of Babeville! Such a gorgeous building, and Amy and Dathan looked perfect inside it. Dathan had that standard nervous look on his face and a comfort beer in his hand. Amy was positively beaming as she hid downstairs. No matter the different looks, they were both ready for this moment to begin! Dathan was back and forth greeting guests and making sure that everything was set up. After some generous teasing from his groomsmen, it was finally time. As we waited up front, Dathan’s entire demeanor changed when he saw Amy walk out. Finally the stress of that long day made perfect sense! Amy immediately put her hands in his and they took their place in front of their friends and family to say the words they had been saying to each other for the last (just about) decade. Everyone was very touched including Dathan’s sister who made it through her reading until the end when she peered at them and tears flooded her eyes. Everyone was so happy for the beautiful moment! After that final kiss they walked out to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys which is one of my favorites, so I looked as emotional as the guests! Congratulations Dathan & Amy! The story that you shared with me about your relationship was beautiful and I know there will be nothing but adventures in your future. Best wishes always!!!

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