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because simple is beautiful

September 6th continued to be an amazing day as I headed to the Botanical Gardens to marry two people that I adore all the way down to my toes! Kara and Chris met at that same place I met them, working at the downtown Buffalo Library and became quick friends. The biggest bummer was when Chris ended up leaving to take a job elsewhere and the two of them lost contact. But not me! I stayed pals with Chris and ended up inviting him and Kara to a big summer party I had. They came and had a good time. Well, at least I think they did because I didn’t end up talking to either of them all night. They were too busy talking to each other. And that was the beginning of a lifetime of conversations. They’ve been together since that day and finally decided, since they already knew they never wanted to stop hanging out, that it was time to get married. And it was an honor that they asked me to officiant the wedding. So I’m taking all the credit for hooking these two up!!!
Kara looked amazing when I showed up at the Botanical Gardens. The color of her dress was stunning and I’m just mad I didn’t get a picture of her shoes. They were gorgeous! Chris looked dapper and nervous, and I think they were both looking forward to the “after ceremony” part of the wedding. After their guests were seated outside, surrounded by the beauty of nature, Chris and Kara made their way out together. Kara looked very emotional and it was only later that she told me Chris had looked at her right beforehand and told her that he loved her, and of course she broke down. I’m glad I didn’t see that because I don’t think I could have kept it together! Kara held her paper flowers bouquet in one hand and Chris’ in the other as they said their vows and promised to continue loving each other forever. The shaking hands made it the perfect moment and soon it was time for me to tell Kara that she could now kiss her groom! Congratulations Chris and Kara! I love both of you and couldn’t be happier that you found each other again and realized this was your forever. Much love and thanks again for letting me be a part of your day!





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