YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

When I first met Rachel and Mike, I knew they wouldn’t end up getting married at any place I had ever been before. They are such a unique couple who I ended up talking to much longer than most couples I meet. And I ended up being right when they decided to wed at the Spring Garden in East Aurora. It was a perfect spot for the two of them! Lots of land, trees, and a rustic cabin filled with music, flowers, and mismatched plateware that pulled the whole look together. Mike was very excited when I showed up. It was the perfect weather for the two of them, and he couldn’t wait for Rachel to arrive and take it all in. Mike was checking in with everyone, talking to the band, asking last minute questions to the planner, and making sure everything would be perfect when his bride-to-be arrived. We walked across the huge yard under a handmade alter and waited for Rachel’s parents to drive her down to the ceremony spot. Instead of music, they had me read a poem as she walked down the aisle, which summed up how they felt about this moment. Rachel stepped out looking beautiful, and excitedly approached her groom. It was a beautiful and intimate moment, even though there were guests around watching. It felt like just the two of them! Finally the last kiss arrived and the happy couple could remove themselves from being the center of attention. In truth, they would much rather be camping together or talking about hockey! Congratulations Mike and Rachel. I’m so glad your mutual love of hockey brought you together and I know you’ll have a long, happy life together!

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