YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was nervous on Saturday September 6th. I had two weddings and rain was threatening all through the day. I was looking forward to being outside at Kloc’s Grove since it’s so beautiful, and I feared we’d have to move everything inside. Well Christina & Mike had luck on their side because not only did it not rain, it was the perfect temperature for an early fall wedding. After finding Mike and his groomsmen goofing around and enjoying the day, I checked in with Christina who looked beautiful and excited, if not a little nervous. Soon though, there as no time to be nervous because it was time to start! Mike and his groomsmen waited patiently for the bridesmaids to make their way down, followed by Christina. They seemed a little more nervous once they were both at the front with all their guests starting at them! They looked into each others eyes as they recited their vows and for a moment, seemed to forget their was a crowd around them. Then it was the best time which is a giant kiss and bubbles surrounding them as their guests celebrated their happiness as well! Congratulations Mike & Christina! I wish you nothing but the best and that you forever remember this happy day!






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