YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I knew I liked Olga and Michael right away when I met them. And it’s not just because they are adorable next to each other since Michael seems to be about a foot taller than Olga…but because they were laid back and excited at the same time. I knew their wedding at The Buffalo History Museum was going to be lovely. And come August 31st, lovely it was! The building itself is so gorgeous as soon as you walk in and you’re swept up in the history and decor all around you. Michael greeted me and he was rushing around making sure everything was perfect. I checked in with Olga and I imagine that my eyes just about bulged out of my head when I saw how beautiful her dress was. I think it’s my favorite so far! Guests kept filing in, taking in their surroundings, and then heading out to the back to stand on the stone steps overlooking the lake and surrounded by ancient columns. Very picturesque. Soon, we were ready for the big moment and Olga’s parents walked her down to Michael and hugged her tight and they watched her go up to her soon-to-be husband. Between the readings they had which were perfect for them, it seemed like it went by so quickly. I think I just didn’t want it to end! Congratulations Michael & Olga!!! You’re both adorable and I’m so glad that you included me in your day. Here’s to always getting to live together now, and for a long and happy life!






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