YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok, if it magically becomes a perfect world, and you have limitless funds, then you should book Asbury Hall for your wedding. It is seriously beautiful in there, especially on August 23rd for Diana & Craig’s wedding. Not to mention everyone kept telling me how good the food is, and since I was there on an empty stomach, it smelled like heaven. From the minute I stepped foot in the door, Craig was ready to start. He didn’t want to wait around until the 5:45 start time, he wanted to go now! I checked in with Diana who was hiding in the greenroom downstairs of her guests, and she looked just as excited to begin. Eventually, Craig won out and at 5:30 he said that we were doing it…so we did! I love an eager groom! When Diana was escorted upstairs she looked stunning, and Craig whispered to me that he was NOT going to cry. He just had to avoid looking at his adorable dad who was already getting misty eyed. He did a pretty good job, until the last sentence of his vows. His voice cracked as tears filled his eyes and everyone laughed at how cute the moment was. Diana looked at him so lovingly that he was a little embarrassed and I think it took the pressure off her! They made it through the rest of the ceremony, laughing and teasing each other and made it to the big kiss! Congratulations Craig & Diana! A lifetime of happiness to you both!


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