YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Saturday October 19th was a lovely day. But it was a whole lot lovelier inside the Botanical Gardens. It’s such a wonderful spot to have your wedding! It’s one thing to be surrounded by those you most love, but it’s another to be surrounded by them, AND gorgeous exotic plant life! It’s no surprise that Diana and Marlon wanted their special moment to take place there. As the violinist serenaded guests, Marlon waited with his groomsmen for Diana to give the go ahead. She was nervously pacing in the background, peeking through the curtain at guests, and waiting for the right moment. Well that moment finally arrived, and Diana was escorted out by her mother to stand next to the man she first started dating in high school! I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear much of the ceremony. They were too busy looking at each other and guests and having an all around amazed look on their faces about the moment that was taking place. And that’s just how I like it! Finally it was all sealed with a kiss and Diana and Marlon grabbed hands as husband and wife. Congratulations to both of you. Time apart doesn’t matter when it comes to true love. You found each other again because you were meant to! How cute is that?




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