YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Although it was raining at Becker Farms on Sunday October 6th, that didn’t stop Fei from trying to create the most perfect day for his bride, Wen. Family was running back and forth moving things from outside to inside, but no one seemed to mind. They just seemed happy to be there. While Fei and Wen were married before this day, they wanted to share in the magical moment again with friends and family. And no rain was going to stop that! As we all took our places, I was surprised to find myself covered in rose petals as I walked out with Fei as guests happily threw them around us. That’s a custom I could get use to! Wen looked beautiful and the happy couple smiled at each other during the whole ceremony. While I couldn’t speak to everyone at the ceremony (mostly they were speaking Chinese and sadly, I don’t know any), we could all communicate through smiles and happy looks at the couple. They made their own sun on a cloudy day. Congratulations Fei & Wen! I’m so glad you found me just a few days before your wedding, and that I was able to share it with you. Continue loving each other and being book worms, and you’ll be happy forever!




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