YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The first thing you may have noticed on October 25th was that it was cold out. Very cold. The second thing you’d notice, as you pulled up to the beautiful Timberlodge Banquet Facility was that it is an amazing spot to have a wedding. The third would have been how gorgeous and happy Tina and Brandon were. After that, you forgot all about the cold. After getting everyone wrapped up and outside, Tina met Brandon at the alter and grabbed onto his warm hands. We all laughed about the weather, but they seemed focused on the words and the moment. Including their amazing tree planting ceremony where they watered a little sapling that will make it’s home behind theirs. The rain wanted to come down, but held off as long as it could until Tina and Brandon grabbed each other for their big kiss, and then hurried on in to where the heat was! Congratulations Tina & Brandon! I feel lucky that I was able to meet you and share in your day. I like thinking of the two of you watching your tree grow everyday. Best wishes!




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