YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Again, the rain on September 21st wasn’t stopping anyone from feeling the love. Especially not Maria and Eric at the stunning Hotel @ the Lafayette. How can anyone feel anything but lovely in such a gorgeous building? Maria waited in her hotel room for the moment when she would be joined with Eric. And when she did, man oh man, did she look beautiful! They stood between their bridal party as they read their own vows and promised to love each other forever. They then invited their moms up for their unity candle ceremony so that their last kiss as single people would be from the people who gave them their first kiss in the world. I’ve never heard such a collective “Awww” from an audience as I did at that moment. It was a beautiful event for a beautiful couple. Congratulations Eric and Maria. I’m so glad after all those years your paths finally crossed!




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