YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Saturday September 21st was a rainy day, but the best kind! Not only were the streets covered with gigantic puddles, but there was still a warm breeze in the air. Over at Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Danielle sure didn’t care at all. The first thing she said to me was “I wish I could go jump in puddles!” She looked much to beautiful for that though! The couple eagerly anticipated the moment, keeping separate from each other as they waited for the big reveal. Danielle and Adam got engaged at Disney, had a Disney themed runner, played Disney music for their guests, AND followed it all up with a Disney honeymoon! With people that compatible, it’s no wonder they were getting married! Finally the moment arrived and they held hands and locked eyes at the alter. Such giant smiles! I felt really happy to share in the moment with them, and it felt extra special since Danielle recently started working at the same library I do! Who doesn’t love marrying colleagues?! All the best to both Adam and Danielle. When I met you a year ago I knew you were perfect for each other, and that feeling has only intensified getting to know you better. A lifetime of happiness!



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