YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Friday October 4th was spent at Protocol on Transit Road in Williamsville, with two amazing people that I met through the magic of the internet. I could tell that Jenny and Paul were both fun loving when I met them through the screen, but in person, it was so much more fun! Jenny seemed excited and organized, making sure everything was in order, while Paul seemed pretty nervous! After fixing a couple failing boutineers, it was time for the big moment. And what a surprise it was! One of the groomsmen came out dancing! Like really dancing! He had his moves choreographed and it was fantastic. The guests looked shocked and excited and were clapping and laughing and having a great time. By the time Jenny made her way up to Paul, he had a nice flush going on. I love nervous grooms! The ceremony was sweet and simple and they both looked so happy and relieved when it was time to kiss! Congratulations Paul and Jenny! I’m so glad I got to really meet both of you and share in such a fun wedding day. All my best!


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