YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Good bye haunted Grand Island Holiday Inn, hello Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa! That’s where I was on Saturday September 14th for Sarah and Jim’s big day. The Friday before was cold. Very cold. And raining. And I’m sure the happy couple was freaking out thinking about their outdoor wedding the next day. Well talk about lucky, because the next day the temperature went up about 30 degrees and gave them a wedding day to remember. The violinist walked around serenading guests before the couple made their way down. It was so sunny out and Sarah joked about how she could barely see Jim, but that didn’t stop the tears from welling up in her eyes. And it didn’t stop Jim from getting choked up during his vows, which immediately caused everyone of the bridesmaids to choke up! It was a lovely day for a lovey couple. I wish the two of you nothing but the best and continue loving each other like you have since 8th grade!




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