YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Friday the 13th: Part II
I’m so happy I just got to type that! But really my second Friday the 13th wedding was awesome! I felt an instant connection to Lauren and Darrin when I first met them. They are my doppelganger couple and I pretty much find everything they do adorable. Their wedding was no exception. It was at my favorite spot (as you know by now), Pearl Street and it couldn’t have looked better. Including a Jason Voorhees cake topper surrounded by cupcakes from Fairy Cakes! Darrin and Lauren looked so happy when they stood next to each other with Darrin’s kids around them, that I’m pretty sure I could have said anything and they wouldn’t have noticed. They were all about each other. Smiling and laughing and joking the whole time as their guests gushed around them. I was so happy to be a part of their day and feel lucky at how many new and amazing people I get to meet every year. And they let me take home two cupcakes, so yeah, I’ve got a lot of love for them. Congratulations Lauren and Darrin! I’m so glad I met both of you and that you’re together forever. No other way made sense.




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