YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

So it was Friday the 13th. But for a couples whose first date was at Fright World, this was no big deal. So on September 13th, Lindsey and Vaughan met at the ever gorgeous Karpeles Manuscript Museum to tell that world that they would love each other forever…and Back to the Future as well. Because they love that a lot. It was chilly outside with light rain, but all you could feel was the warmth from their guests who smiled and hugged and chatted excitedly about the to-be moment. When Lindsey and Vaughan did arrive (in two matching Rolls Royces) it was time for the beauty to begin. Vaughan was the smiliest groom I think I’ve had yet! They held hands and teared up as we made it through their ceremony to one giant and excited kiss! After that, they walked down the grand steps at Karpeles as their guests showered them with rose petals. What a day! Congratulations Vaughan and Lindsey. I’m so happy the two of you found someone who is somehow so different and yet so perfect for you.  A lifetime of happiness!




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