YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Somehow Becker Farms looks even more beautiful when it’s full of beautiful people. And that was the case on Friday September 6th, as Joey and Bruce arrived for their big day. It was an ideal day for an outdoor wedding. It wasn’t hot or cold, it was magical! Everyone gathered around right on time looking excited for this moment to finally happen. As I walked out with Bruce he was cool as a cucumber, standing up front looking relaxed and eager. Of course when Joey walked out, looking stunning, he suddenly looked a little more nervous than before! They both were the perfect amount of nervous, holding hands, giving half smiles, and small laughs. I watched both of them fight back tears for 15 minutes, which is no easy task! When that final moment came, they were almost in each others arms before I finished saying “you can now kiss the bride.” Now that’s love! Congratulations to a wonderful couple! I’m so glad to two of you found each other and I know the happiness you felt this day will continue on throughout your life.


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