YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 25th was exciting because I got to check out a new venue, 500 Pearl, and I got to see Megan and Ji in person! They were so much fun when we first met and I knew this would be a special wedding. After I got lost inside the venue for a bit 😂 I found them inside their room with their wedding party, already having a great time. They seemed so happy and ready for this moment. It didn’t feel like something that made them nervous, but the most natural thing in the world. I stood at the altar with Ji as Megan made her way up, and then I saw all the emotion hit them (which is my favorite part of this whole thing)! They seemed very moved, but kept is all together to get through the amazing moment as I watched the audience cry around them. You could just tell how vested everyone was in this relationship and what a happy moment that was created when Megan and Ji said “I do.” Congratulations Ji and Megan! You’re such a well matched couple and I see such a happy life before you. Much love!

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